LATTESSO - proud Partner of Sanna

With LATTESSO we believe hat the passion for coffee...

...the naturalness and the style of our drinks are inseparable. We are uncompromising when it comes to the selection of our coffee quality at the country of origin in Honduras. Each coffee bean has to pass through a rigorous selection process. Our fresh approach with LATTESSO is unique because we pursue a very special purity law. Without the usual additives of the industry, but in the style of a manufactory, we prepare freshly roasted espresso and combine these with Swiss milk; artisanal, clean, honest. This accuracy pays off. Because the result is a treat full of freshness. That’s what our guarantee is. This honesty and determination, we also find in Sanna. With her positive attitude, her combative and natural behavior she represents our values. She has ambitious goals and pursues them consistently. We believe in Sanna and wanna support her to achieve her goals.