Sanna Lüdi

Name:Sanna Lüdi
Family members:Mother Pia, Father Hans and Sister Tina

Skicross and surfing are her two greatest passions. Sanna is a unique personality, she is exactly what skicross needs: ambitious, determined and completely crazy. After having tried ballet, ice hockey and alpine skiing she started with skicross in 2008/2009.

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A - Alp d'Huez

Sanna’s first win in the skicross world cup! Her international breaktrough.

B- Barbecue

Barbecue = Sanna's favorite meal!

C - chameleon

Sanna is very adaptable. She loves to wear clothes from different countries and culturs and is always open for new impressions.

D - Dancing

Sanna likes to dance everywhere, every time and to a lot of different music.

E - eating

Eating well - another big hobby of Sanna :)

F - Finland

Sanna also has a finnish passport.

G - Grindelwald

Grindelwald was the place where she first reached a podium in the world cup. 2009!

H - Hat

Next to sunglasses the one accessory she cannot live without. Especially in the summer.

I - Ice Hockey

Ice hockey was another of Sanna’s favorite sports until she had to make a decision, hockey or skiing!

K - Knee injuries

Unfortunately Sanna wasnt spared this experience. In 2010/2011 an injury stopps her for the whole season.

L - Leimiswil

Leimiswil is where Sanna grew up. She was born closeby in Heimiswil.

M - Matura

Sanna made her high school diploma 2005 in a sport school in Engelberg.

N - Nature

Outside in nature is where Sanna feels most comfortable, although she wouldnt want to miss city life either.

O - Olympics

Olympics 2014: Sanna’s next big career highlight! Good luck!

P - Pia

Mother Pia, father Hans and sister Tina always support her in her career.

Q - quacke

Sanna is able to talk in six different languages. She loves to quacke with people from all over the world.

R - Risk

No risk no fun, especially true in skicross. Better too risky than too cautious.

S - Surfing

Next to skiing one of Sanna’s favorite things to do. She feels at home at every wave.

T - Tina

Sanna`s sister is called Tina. She also did ski races a long time.

U - United States

Sanna's favourite travel destination!

V - Vancouver

One of her biggest dissapointments so far. The olympics 2010 ended for Sanna already after the qualification round.

W - water and waves

Thats what Sanna needs!

X - X- Games

X games are always one of the highlights of the year. Unfortunately sanna broke her shoulder in the 2012 edition.


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